About Alex Lee, Inc.

Alex Lee, Inc., is a company built on values. From its roots as a produce wholesaler purchased by an immigrant peddler for his sons, Alex and Lee George, to its position today as a food retail and distribution corporation that is one of the largest in the southeastern United States, Alex Lee has never strayed from its commitment to its employees, customers, and suppliers. These long-held commitments have led to both lasting success and a strong company reputation.

The success of Alex Lee and all of its operating companies is predicated on the desire to provide superior service to each of its customers. This service has helped independent supermarkets and locally owned restaurants to compete effectively against national chains, fast food operators, and discount retailers.

Alex Lee has maintained its high level of service and continued to grow by adhering to the values that have guided the company since its founding in 1931. The George family, which founded the company, continues to be actively involved in the ownership and management of the business.

Alex Lee stands in stark contrast to many other companies because of the way it has been run during the past eighty years and the way it will likely be operated in the future. It prides itself on steady growth and careful expansion. Alex Lee is a company operated for the benefit of its employees, its customers, its suppliers, and its shareholders.


Alex Lee, Inc. gives back to our communities we operate in to make them better places to live. We contribute to local food banks, local education and arts programs, as well as other national organizations focused on improving the health and welfare of our people.